Motorcycle Shed

Motorcycle Storage Sheds and Easy to use Shed Plans

Motorcycle Shed

    Motorcycles can be kept in your living room or hallway but the neighbors might not be happy and your significant other might have a problem with you parking your bike next to the sofa.  Some people park their motorcycles outside and chain them up and put a tarp over them.  This is inexpensive and for the most part works quite well.  Some after market parts suppliers provide custom fitted covers for your bike.  The drawback is you can scratch your paint when you pull the tarp or cover off the bike.  If you spent a couple of thousand dollars on the paint job you won’t be happy with either of these solutions.

    I read an article about building a semi portable Motorcycle Shed out of PVC Pipe and a polypropylene tarp.  I don’t remember exactly how it goes but it was something like this:  Put some four foot long 1/2 inch diameter rebar in the ground.  Take some ten or twelve foot long PVC pipe and bend it over the rebar.  Run another piece of PVC Pipe under the hoops you have formed and zip tie this pipe at the highest point of your arch.  This becomes the ridge pole and supposedly adds strength to the structure.  Cover the hoops with the tarp and secure the tarp to the ground with stakes or put a piece of treated wood down around the perimeter and staple or tack the tarp to the wood.  I think you should still anchor the tent down with stakes or screw in anchors you can get at the hardware store.  Most commonly they are used to anchor dog chains in the back yard but they will work to hold down your tent just as well.  The problem I see with this is that while it will meet the basic needs and it is cheap to make, polypropylene tarps will break down under the sun’s bright glare.  You will have to change the tarp every two or three years.  They also don’t offer much protection in a hail storm or from falling branches.  The next few options are more permanent and offer security as well as protection from the elements.  

    Double Wall Plastic Resin Sheds:  These sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  All you would need to store your motorcycle is a six foot by five foot shed.  Many of these sheds have a lifetime warranty and are easy to assemble and maintain.  Some have double doors so you can store his and hers motorcycles in the same shed.  Most have decent locking systems and most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover theft from these sheds as long as you have a lock on the door.  I would check with your agent to be sure before going down this route.  Plastic Resin Sheds require a wood or concrete floor to which they are anchored.  Check your local building code because sheds over a certain size require permits.  Most big box stores can tell you what type of foundation you need in your area.  These sheds run about $800.00 and do not include the cement or wood foundation.  

    Metal Sheds:  These sheds also come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  The most common ones are eight feet deep and ten feet wide with a gentle pitched roof and made of steel.  These types of sheds require a wood or concrete foundation and are much less expensive than the Plastic Sheds.  Typically these sheds run between $200 and $400 without the wood or concrete foundation and have the same building code limitations and requirements.  While steel sheds are usually stronger than plastic sheds, they will rust out if you don’t maintain them.

    Wood Sheds:  These are my personal favorites.   A wood motorcycle shed can be custom built to meet your personal requirements.  I mean really, who would put a Harley Fat Boy in a plastic or metal shed.  Wood sheds can be covered with vinyl siding if you don’t want to paint it every three years and you can put windows, doors, skylights, porches, railings, ramps or anything else you desire on a wood shed.  There are plans you can buy or you can draw up your own prints or build like I do…from my memory (the memory plans don’t meet code requirements).  Built correctly, a wood shed will out last both the metal and plastic sheds.  They are impossible to price because you can collect scrap or used wood or buy brand new sticks.  If you are on a limited budget then make a materials list and do some shopping.  

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